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Serre Chevalier decided to go “Back to the Future” !
In 2017 the resort revamped an event that had its heyday in the late 80s, the famous SERRE CHEVALIER GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE.

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From 1986 to 1989, this event epitomized an incredible period in the world of snow sports.
The Serre Chevalier Grand Prix was a pioneering event that left a lasting impression on an entire generation, the pioneers of snowboarding (known as snow “surfing” at that time) came together for the event. The great names of the discipline came to race the derby from the top of the legendary Cucumelle all the way to the foot of the resort, setting off in groups of 15. As well as the "derby" race, the Grand Prix mixed different events like downhill, Freestyle, super giant slalom ...  All these events combined formed the Grand Prix with the overall winner designated overall CHAMPION. In the main Grand Prix derby race, there were few or even no rules, apart from crossing the start and finish lines. “May the best man (or woman) win” was the war cry ... or maybe not. The main point of the race was to have "fun”. Those enthusiastic trailblazers wrote the first pages of a great story.


In 1989, the event was in its heyday and went so far as to offer a Citroën car to the winner. Under the impetus of Thierry d'Ornano (Race organiser at the time) and several local figures, the event put Serre Chevalier in the spotlight for 4 years, earning the resort a reputation as a trailblazer. Any French snowboard geek will tell you, the "Serre Chevalier Grand Prix de France" was the forerunner, the beginning, the first chapter... at a time when “Doux et Dingue” was the slogan of the resort. A great story that did not deserve to be left to gather dust ...

So the "Serre Chevalier Grand Prix" made a comeback in 2017, 28 years on from those glory days, a revival that has managed to keep the race’s fun spirit. The whole idea was crazy, and it inspired just as much craziness and passion. The concept has evolved, but the basic ingredients have stayed the same: a single starting point and a single finish line with any number of possibilities in between. In its latest incarnation, the event can be enjoyed by the widest spectrum of participants, with the choice of 2 fun courses, 1 for the Dingues "crazies" and 1 for the Doux “cruisers”. Both courses, (for individuals or teams of two), extend over the Briançon, Chantemerle, Villeneuve & Monêtier ski areas. That is what the magic of the Serre Chevalier Grand Prix is all about.

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