Bonjour à tous,

Compte tenu de l’absence de visibilité dans cette période très incertaine, nous estimons qu’il est plus raisonnable de reporter la 4ème édition du Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier.
Cette décision est difficile à prendre, nous en sommes très tristes même si nous sommes convaincus qu’elle est la plus pertinente au regard du contexte pandémique.
Nous avons à cœur de faire du prochain Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier, un évènement magique, encore plus surprenant, original et loufoque... rendez-vous en mars 2022 !

Nous vous remercions tous sincèrement pour avoir participé et pour nous avoir soutenu lors des 3 premières éditions du Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier, et nous restons à votre disposition pour toute information.

A très vite à Serre Chevalier !



The revival of the Serre Chevalier Grand Prix has become a benchmark in the ski racing world in just 3 years, with the symbolic achievement of being the largest gathering of amateur skiers in the world.


The format of the event is somewhere between a derby, an enduro, an orienteering race, a marathon, a rally, a "Mud Day" type obstacle course ...

Participants choose either the “Doux” (cruise) or “Dingue” ( crazy) race and need to be prepared to be surprised by the ingenuity of both courses, strewn with all kinds of obstacles and difficulties and that extend over the entire ski area. Some race to win, others just for fun but everyone gets down to the finish line with a smile. Every Identified Sliding Object known to mankind (skis, snowboards, telemarks, mono-skis, snowscoots, tandems ...) can take part in THE CRAZIEST RACE IN THE COUNTRY!

Some play for victory, some play for fun, but all return to the finish line with a smile on their face. You will have understood it, the GRAND PRIX DE SERRE CHEVALIER is simply grandiose.

Des concerts !

Le grand prix de Serre Chevalier passe réellement dans la cour des GRANDS événements. En effet cette année, une programmation musicale digne de ce nom va rythmer le front de neige de Monêtier avant la remise des prix.

Sur scène, à partir de 16h, c'est MOZAMBO qui prendra les commandes ! C'est ensuite SYNAPSON qui enflammera la scène... Totalement gratuits, ces concerts prévoient d'inscrire le Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier 2020, comme un immanquable !

Le teaser


Choose to be “Doux” (Cruise) or “Dingue” (Crazy). Whichever side you're on, there's a good-child side to it because no event takes itself seriously and that's what makes it "The Craziest Race in the Country".

A unique departure for all, from the top of the Chantemerle cable car, with tests that will make you discover the Briançon sector like never before, then return to Briançon and Villeneuve before switching to Monêtier-les-Bains where the finish area is located.

All identified sliding objects (ski, snowboard, telemark, monoski, snowscoot, tandem...) can take part in “The Craziest Race in the Country".


The "crazy" course is aptly named, but you can do it in "hyper" crazy mode, “chill” crazy or just plain old crazy. It is not for those who want to straight line it top to bottom, but for those who ski well and like to ski both on and off-piste.

It is an all-terrain course for the over 14s (parental permission is mandatory for minors). This is the longest course and you will be skiing over the whole ski area with some well-known "off-piste" runs in the “brut de neige” areas. (DVA & helmet mandatory).

The Dingue course is 42km, practically a marathon, where there is no point going like the clappers the whole way, but it is best to get off to a good start. The whole course and events will be revealed to you at D-7 but, to make your mouth water, we can already announce that there will be 9 rounds. You don't have to be a freerider, a freestyler or a freewathever..., the crazy course won't make you jump out of big air and won't force you to take a steep slope corridor. yep, it's a crazy race but one for all decent skiers, snowboarders, and especially those who are not afraid of a bit of leg burn, because all the stages and difficulties make for an intense and crazy race! The important thing is to participate in the Serre Chevalier Grand Prix... and with a smile! You can come to win or just for the fun!

Vous ne possédez pas de DVA ? Pas de panique, plusieurs magasins font de la location à Serre-Chevalier.
Consulter la F.A.Q pour connaitre la liste des magasins à qui vous pouvez vous adresser.


The “cruising” course targets a wider audience, from kids to their grandparents – but it won’t be a walk in the park. We have built some fun terrain modules. The race is composed of 8 stages. The race is recommended for skiers over 8 but possible for budding young freeriders from the age of 6 if they are used to mucking around on the slopes (parental permission is mandatory for minors, form to be given to the organizers when picking up bibs).

You will mainly ski on blue runs and some red runs: a less crazy route than the “Dingue” one but the race is still almost 30km! You will get to ski over the whole Serre Chevalier ski area because you will be tackling several special stages in Chantemerle, Briançon, Villeneuve & Monêtier, and yes, just like the Dingue course, the start will be at the top of the Serre Chevalier cable car (Chantemerle) and the finish line will be in Monêtier (Pré-Chabert). Do not plan on skiing fast all the way... because there are full-on bits where you will have to ski fast, others where you must take it down a notch ;). The whole course and stages will be unveiled 7 days before the event. If you can do it in 2h30 you’re doing well. You will have to slide, sometimes push on sticks, crawl, run, drink, aim... But keep your eyes open all along with the race.

Helmets are mandatory for all. Parental authorization is mandatory for minors. It will be given to the organization when the race numbers are collected.


You can race on your own or in teams of 2, but it is better be part of a team, as the team winners will be richly rewarded! Everything is more fun if there are two of you anyway! A team may consist of: 2 Doux or 1 Doux and 1 Dingue or 2 Dingue

47€ /personne


  • Access to the ski area
  • Day insurance
  • Refreshments along the race
  • Meals on arrival
  • A cap bearing the effigy of the event
  • Finisher 2020 Medal
  • Goodies

Register Online

A partir de 180€ /personne*

+ participation

Votre week-end tout compris en Hôtel
  • 2 nuits en hôtel
  • 2 jours de ski
  • Participation au Grand Prix 2020
* sur la base d'une chambre double en B&B Hôtel 2 étoiles


A partir de 140€ /personne*

+ participation

Votre week-end tout compris en appartement
  • 2 ou 3 nuits
  • 2 jours de ski
  • Participation au Grand Prix 2020
* sur la base d'un studio 4 personnes



App Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier

Check out the different race courses, obstacles and challenges.

You can also get the results and final finishing places, challenge other teams and “chat” with other participants.

The app is free and you can login with the login details you entered when you registered for the Grand Prix.

Télécharger dans l'App Store Disponible sur Google Play


Besoin d'aide ?

Pour modifier une inscription, ou regrouper deux inscriptions sur une même équipe, consultez la F.A.Q et utilisez le formulaire en ligne

Vous avez une questions concernant le Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier, contactez nous par email : scv.grandprix(@)


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