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In 2023,the country's craziest race is making its BIG comeback and you'll have to be  mad  crazy or just plain old
fun-loving to participate!

But what exactly is
the Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier?

First held in 1986, relaunched in 2017, then cancelled because of COVID-19, this unique event on the slopes of Serre Chevalier, makes its BIG comeback on Saturday 25 March 2023 sticking with the original concept that made it so successful in the 80s, and adding some new surprises, so that the race is as challenging and fun as you want to make it.

Somewhere between a derby, an enduro, an orienteering race, a marathon, a rally, a "mud-day" type obstacle course... its format is an explosive cocktail, which is what makes the Grand Prix such an extraordinary event.

Participants choose between the Fun or Crazy course and tackle all the various inventive and crazy obstacles and stages over the whole ski area. All ISOs (Identified Sliding Objects - skis, snowboards, telemarks, monoskis, snowscoots, ...) can take part in THE CRAZIEST RACE IN THE COUNTRY!

Some are there to win, others just for fun, but everyone crosses the finish line with a broad grin. Yep, you’ve got it, the GRAND PRIX DE SERRE CHEVALIER is, quite simply, just a really great race.

All that's left is to decide is whether to join the "Fun" faction or the "Crazy" clan. This year, you can also take part in the event without actually doing the race, by supporting participants and registering with one of two new formulas as either a "crazy" or a "fun" supporter. We're counting on you to create a crazy atmosphere!

The "Race" packs

Apparently, a certain Pierre de Coubertin Saint Chaffrey rightly said:
"At the Grand Prix, the most important thing is to participate…….and have fun!"

Another local wise man may have also said: "At the Grand Prix, you don't come to win, but to finish with a flourish!

As you can see, the Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier is a race and not necessarily a race race. At the finish line, everyone gets a "finisher’s" medal, even if you are way down the rankings. Participants in the Grand Prix range from local kids who ski as fast as a teenage Luc Alphand, city slickers working on their pole plants, southerners who reckon they ski at the speed of sound, locals bumbling along enjoying the view, super-fast snowboarders and some real knuckle draggers on boards, there are also guys on monoskis who think it’s the 80s, and even some Brits defying Brexit and the stopwatch.
So, it’s clear that the Grand Prix is not for champions, but for anyone who wants to have a good time.

The Grand Prix is an open event where you can take part individually or in teams of two. In the starting blocks some are aiming to win, others are in their best fancy dress, some are just along for the ride, others racing to outdo their mates and some for whom crossing the finish line, even last, will be a personal victory. The "fun" are on one side, the "crazy" on the other, and all of them, from the top of the Serre Chevalier cable car, have to get to the finish at the bottom of Monêtier, tackling all the various inventive and crazy obstacles and stages in their way on the 2 courses that stretch over the whole ski area.

If you’re a good skier, choose the "crazy" course as there are some "off-piste"areas.
If you're more of a softy, then sign up for the "fun" run.

When you register, you’ll get a "welcome pack" with goodies like a baseball cap with the event logo, but that's not all. There will be lots of surprises, but we can't tell you everything now, can we? You’ll also get your number 👕 giving you access to refreshments (coffee/tea & pastries at the start, pit stops...), and a well-deserved meal at the finish. And of course, you will be given a race map with details of each event and a timing "system" ⏱️.

En mode dingue


€78.00 avec le pass de ski

Inscriptions closes

Nombre de places limitées

En mode doux


€78.00 avec le pass de ski

Inscriptions closes

Nombre de places limitées

"Supporter" packs

It is rumoured that the great Eric Cantona once exclaimed:
“Only in Serre Che, with no ball, Mbappé or stadium, can you find such passionate supporters!"

This year, you can take part in the event as an enthusiastic supporter ! This is a great idea if you want to follow and encourage a family member, a friend, a cousin, or even your best friend's ex. Basically, if you decide to be a "crazy supporter", you will be given a bib (without a number) to follow the race (but not join the race) and you can cheer for "the crazies" as well as "the funnies" . Basically, being a crazy supporter means creating a crazy atmosphere with crazy energy. There will be "fan zones" at some of the stages, to cheer on the racers. You’ll also be able to enjoy refreshments (coffee/tea & pastries at the start), something to drink & eat along the way, and the hearty meal at the finish . And of course, we'll give you a race map with details of each stage so that you don't miss a thing on the day. And we'll even give you a supporter's kit to help you get in the mood and make some noise.

We have also catered for those who want to support from afar by being at the finish line at the bottom of the slopes in Monêtier-les-Bains without using their skis. We’ve called it, the "fun supporter" pack. You will be able to join in the meal at the finish, soak up the sun and cheer on the racers as they cross the finish line. You don’t get a bib, but you will be given a flag to wave.

En mode "supporter de dingue"


€78.00 avec le pass de ski

Inscriptions closes

Nombre de places limitées

En mode supporter "tout doux"


Inscriptions closes

Nombre de places limitées

Hébergement + Inscription à partir de 159 €/pers*

Accommodation + race inscription

From 159€ per person*

2 or 3 nights
+ 1 or 2 days skiing
Inscription for the Grand Prix 2023

*based on four people sharing a studio

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You can also get the results and final finishing places, challenge other teams and “chat” with other participants.
The app is free and you can login with the login details you entered when you registered for the Grand Prix.

App Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier

The atmosphere is crazy at the Grand Prix!

The teaser of the Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier

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Need help ?

To modify your registration, or group two registrations on the same team,visit our Q&A and use our online form.

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